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Specializes in helping to introduce Graph Technology for Organisations

Why Graphs.

Today every company need to manage larger volumes of data and they need to get insights from their existing data. The relationships between data points are more important than the individual points themselves. In order to leverage data relationships, you need a database technology that stores relationship information natively. This technology is the graph database. We are a big fan of Neo4j.

Our Mission.

We believe in connections, and we help companies to implement their solution to get better insights with this powerful technology.

What we Provide.

We provide planning, implementation, and consultancy. We can help to implement:

  • Recommendation system
  • Fraud detection
  • Social network
  • Master data management
  • Machine learning connected features
  • Knowledge graph
  • and anything connected.

Who we are

Janos Szendi-Varga

Janos Szendi-Varga


I have gained 20 years of experience in IT projects for companies such as Nokia, TMobile, Erste Bank, Hungarian Telekom, Makedonski Telekom, Ericsson, and many more. I was involved in many areas of IT, like testing, developing, architecting, project managing, strategy planning, innovating, and mobile development. I am an ambassador of Neo4j graph database, and founder of the Neo4j Budapest meetup. I hold an MSc in Information Technologies and an MSc in Economics.

Our Clients

  • Chatler
  • Kiflee
  • ClipDis
  • PepperLabs

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